One Leash...Four Paws Pet Care

We are licensed, bonded and insured and members of Pet Sitters International


1. All weekday and weekend dog walking visits must be cancelled with 24 hour notice or a 100% charge of the visit price will be charged. For pet sit and overnight visits, once customer notifies One Leash Four Paws to add visit dates to the calendar, any cancellations by the customer within one week of the scheduled start of visit dates or less will result in the customer being charged for full visit charges for each cancelled visit.

2. All accounts must be paid in full at the end of each week unless customer and One Leash Four Paws agree upon an alternative arrangement. If charges are not paid with 14 days, a 10% charge will be added to your invoice.

3. Holiday services are arranged on an availability only basis and will incur a $10 surcharge for all services rendered for each visit on the holiday. Examples of holidays include but are not limited to Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day. Any visits scheduled during the week of the above named holidays must be confirmed by the customer and added at their request onto the calendar by One Leash Four Paws. Once added at customer request, any cancellations by the customer, within one week of the scheduled visit dates or less, will result in the customer being charged for full visit charges and surcharges for each cancelled visit.

4. One Leash...Four Paws is bonded and insured, as well as licensed by the city of Charleston, SC.

5. In case of emergency, your pet will be taken to the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center on Glenn McConnell Rd. in West Ashley or the nearest emergency vet center. All charges including time incurred by One Leash Four Paws will be the responsibility of the customer.

6. In case of any issues in the home, you will be contacted immediately by phone, text or e-mail.

7. In case of natural disaster or hurricane, One Leash...Four Paws will not be responsible for removing your pets from your home. Please make arrangements for a family member or friend to take pets as they evacuate.

8. A visit overview will be provided at the conclusion of each visit by text or e-mail, based on your preference, unless otherwise notified. Occasionally the owner of One Leash Four Paws may be away and unable to provide timely electronic updates. A written, leave-behind, notice will be provided on those occasions. Customers will be made aware in advance when these situations arise and can request continued electronic updates. With their permission their number will be provided to the delegated manager who will provide the updates to the customer on our behalf.

9. All returned checks will be charged a $35 fee, plus all costs and initial charges based on local laws and regulations. If a check is returned, all future visits must be paid in cash at time of visit.

10. All scheduling and any requested modifications must be made directly between customers and Jerry Harris, owner of One Leash Four Paws. On occasions when the owner of One Leash Four Paws is unavailable, a direct number to the delegated manager will be made available to customers. This number is for emergency use only and is to be used only during the time frame when the owner of One Leash Four Paws is unavailable. Communication between a customer and a staff member of One Leash Four Paws for the purpose of attempting to obtain service outside the terms of the agreement between the customer and One Leash Four Paws is unacceptable. A determination that a customer has breached this policy can lead to immediate termination of the agreement between the customer and One Leash Four Paws.

11. All fees and policies are subject to change. All will be updated on company website at time of change.

12. All concerns or questions should be brought to our attention immediately. We want to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your pet!

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