One Leash...Four Paws Pet Care

Effective 1/3/22, One Leash Four Paws no longer provides dog-walking or pet-sitting services. We recommend Brown Dog Walking Co for all your pet care needs. Please contact them at 843-471-0098 or go to


IN-HOME CONSULTATION - Free: Our initial consultation includes a meet and greet with you and your family. We will provide an overview of service and gather specific information about your pets. We will receive and tag your key so that your address is NEVER on the key you provide. Initial visit typically takes about an hour.

POTTY BREAK DROP IN (20 MINUTES) - Starting at $20 per visit dependent upon location, frequency of visits, number of pets and time of requested visits (all weekend visits and short-notice, unplanned visits not scheduled the week prior, are $20). This includes a walk, fresh water/food, and lots of love and attention. Medications may be administered with approval of pet owner.

TIME TO WANDER (40 MINUTES) - Charges dependent upon location, frequency of visits, number of pets and time of requested visits. For those animals who have extra energy to expend, this service allows for a longer walk/play time to provide them the daily exercise they want, as well as all the services in the Potty Break Drop In!

I'M READY FOR AN ADVENTURE (60 MINUTES) - Charges dependent upon location, frequency of visits, number of pets and time of requested visits. Some animals need more time outdoors than others. This service includes a longer walk and time for attention and love, along with all the services in the Potty Break Drop In.

EVENING/WEEKEND DOG WALKING, PET SITTING AND OVERNIGHT PET SITTING: This service is customizable to your pet and their needs. All evening dog walking visits, scheduled for 7pm or after, start at $20. All weekend dog walking and multi-visit pet sit visits start at $20 for standard pet sit visits and start at $75/night for overnight sitting dependent upon locale. This includes having a qualified, trained and insured pet sitter in your home from dinner through breakfast. Additional charges may apply for more than 2 pets and if pet sit visits or overnight sitting occurs during select holiday dates. Once pet sit visits or Overnight pet sits are added by customer request onto the calendar by One Leash Four Paws, any cancellations by the customer, within one week of the scheduled visit dates or less, will result in the customer being charged for full visit charges for each cancelled visit. Under 24 hour cancellation of weekend dog walking visits will incur a 100% charge for each visit cancelled. Please contact us for a personal assessment and quote for your pet's needs.

HOLIDAY SERVICES: Services provided during holidays are based on availability. Visits on certain holidays will be charged an additional $10 per visit. For overnight sitting on select holiday dates, a charge of $30 may apply specific to the overnight service only on the day of the holiday. Please note specific holiday rules on our policies page.

CUSTOM SERVICES: Does your animal need something that isn't listed above? Please contact us and we can create a custom visit just for your pet!


POOP PATROL: Charges applied based upon length of time required to clean your yard: Don't have the time to clean up your yard? Let us do it. Pet waste will be picked up, securely bagged and placed in a designated area. Most customers choose a weekly or bi weekly visit to manage this chore.

SENIOR PET SUPPORT (CALL FOR RATES): Do you have a senior in your life that could use a little help in caring for their pet? We can help with things like food preparation, brushing, etc. to help them care for their beloved pets at home.

HOTEL PET CARE: Charges may vary depending upon location, time of day, distance to/from One Leash Four Paws to the hotel: Do you need someone to assist with your pet while staying in a local hotel? We can provide all the services listed in the Potty Break Drop In conveniently at your hotel!

PET FOOD, GROOMER, OR VET/RX PICKUP: Charges applied based upon length of time required to complete the trip plus cost of food or vet bill: We can pickup your pet food or medicine for those times when your schedule is too busy.

VET EMERGENCY: Charges applied based upon length of time required to complete the emergency visit plus all vet bills incurred.

HOME AWAY FROM HOME SERVICE $20/VISIT: This service allows you peace of mind when traveling. We will pick up the mail, put out the trash/recycling on the appropriate day, water indoor plants, turn on lights for a lived in look and secure any packages delivered to your home while you are away. Additional services such as outdoor plant watering can be arranged- just contact us!